Whether the event is big or small we will staff it with OLCC licensed and trained employees so you can focus on other needs.


Our Bartenders play as important figures in the establishments of private and public events. They must make patrons of the establishment feel welcome, secure, and relaxed. To the patrons of a bar, the bartender is a very powerful figure; whom also serves to prevent an event from being discontinued due to unethical behaviors. We promote a safe environment for our consumers and families at all times by ensuring OLCC standards are being maintained and by using communicating devices with fellow security staff. We take into consideration a multitude of factors when assisting you in making your next event an absolute success. Our bartenders will accommodate consumer’s needs and serve them with the utmost respect and professionalism.


The atmosphere of public events consists of beer-gardens, where both our DPSST Certified and OLCC Trained guards and bartenders check IDs and monitor consumers. Our Bartenders are specially trained to adhere bar remedies to ensure an event is running smoothly and efficiently. At public events, our consumers are served alcoholic beverages at the bar counter by our licensed Seguridad Bartenders. Along with our many other remedies which we acknowledge to assure a fun and safe environment to fellow staff members and consumers.

The Appearance of private events consist of an Open- Bar, where contracted Seguridad bartenders check ID’s and serve alcohol at the bar. The invitees are welcomed to enjoy there beverages inside the facility. The Bartender will create a friendly, fun and tranquil drinking environment for the guests. We focus on consumer needs and aim to make a success of your most memorial events.


Preventing over-intoxication and teen drinking is a bigger deal than you might think. The law says it’s illegal to drink under the age of 21; and it’s illegal for someone under 21 to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. Imagine being arrested for underage drinking and driving. Now think about the embarrassment and disappointment from your friends, family, and even yourself.

Alcohol is a drug that depresses the whole body, and impairment begins with the very first drink. Your prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that controls reasoning and helps you think before you act. Alcohol begins to slow down judgment, coordination, and reaction time.

A significant aspect is to prevent those types of measures from occurring with the help of our friends, specialized Staff members, and bartenders.



(One-third of all teen deaths involving alcohol are a result of underage drunk driving.)