Seguridad Security is a thriving company that values and provides quality security, protection and safety services to clients, events, and businesses around the State of Oregon. This Security agency understands that speaking more than one language opens up a vibrant communication platform among different cultures. Our standards of communications, enables our clients to feel greatly important by keeping them, their families, and livelihood secured, protected, and safe. Our Management Team has over a number of years of combined experience in security, military, police, and protection service related work. This combined experience and valuable training that Seguridad Security provides gives our employees the ability to perform quality security and protection services, duties, translating and bilingual communication (English/Spanish), and courteous customer services at the highest level.


Seguridad Security’s survilliance and protection services consist of 95% of communication and 5% in physical interactions. This method allows our agency to practice prevention and reducing the risk of any altercation and/or incidents. That being said, our agency is able to maintain an impeccable record of low altercations and/or incidents as well as lower liability status to our officers, staff, and down to our operations levels, which shows accountability and transparency of the company's quality services.

Our professional bright red and black uniforms, makes our officer and staff highly visible, which makes it easy to locate in case of emergency. Along with our state of the art secure digital two-way radio communication and other security related technology for optimal performance and practice making our work simple and highly efficient. All of our employees and newly hired officers hold an DPSST Certification, attain background checks, and screened through the Defensive Firearms Instructions, which is a very reputable training academy in Lane County. We strive to educate and train for beyond the state minimum certifications of an Unarmed Officer. In addition, all of our officers go through ID verifications training, CPR/ First Aid, OLCC Liquor training, and other fields of advance-oriented training.


Seguridad Security has been providing services for Oregon based clients, event promoters, businesses, and administrators for just over a year, nevertheless we provide a quality level of service as if we were in operation for many years. We have successfully ran and operated security and protection services, alcohol/beverage monitoring, bartending, and crowd management for the Oregon State fairgrounds, which hosted several quinceaneras (sweet 16 events), weddings, baptisms, concerts, and anniversary celebrations etc. We have provided security and protection services for several large Rodeos with attendance ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand patrons, concerts with several artist in large venues such as the US Sports Plex, Jalisco’s Restaurant and Latino Dance events,and private parties that required security, protection, alcohol/beverage monitoring, bartenders and crowd management services to hundreds of patrons.


All our staff that is deemed security personnel must go through the State of Oregon’s NEW 14 hour unarmed DPSST (Department Of Public Safety Standards And Training) class. They must pass with a 80% or better. All Officers must also pass an extensive background check that is done by the FBI in conjunction with DPSST requirement. In addition to the required security class we encourage all of our officers to obtain a OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) Certifications and other security and protection related certifications. The combination of these certifications allow our companies and employed security officers to not only deal with security related issues but to also respond to Alcohol related issues and beverage monitoring. Our training's do not stop there, we also strongly recommend all our officers to attend further Cultural Competency Trainings provided by our agency and action planning through the Defensive Tactics Training.  The class entails learning how to properly detain and handcuff an individual without harming them and racial profiling individuals. In addition, we educate and train our officers about the fundamentals affects of deploying OC spray, the various types of spray, and how and when to use such for defensive tactics. Other Defensive tactical trains include security belt usage, baton training, handcuff trainings, self-defense, and social de-escalation tactics.
Our Alcohol servers and monitors go through similar training as our officers minus the DPSST training, which we believe that it is critical for all parts of our team to have an equivalent knowledge if such altercations or incidents every coming up at any Job site. 


Supervision of our staff is done by our Security Officers who have obtained Supervisory Managers Training with supervisory license that is given by the state of Oregon DPSST.
This additional training assists our officers in how to properly manage large crowds, swiftly resolve critical situations, and maximizing the quality of service from our officer's performance, practices, and teamwork. All of our supervisory staff that manages our officers have completed all of the above training and other security related trainings and education.